Fbsub tiktok likes views hearts followers free

Fbsub a tool for those who are playing tiktok. As far as I think, if anyone wants to increase the stats for their tiktok account for free, they can’t ignore it. So don’t know how to use it? What are the functions and advantages? Let’s find out now to know more about this tool.

About fbsub

ThisĀ is a tool to help increase the number of views and hearts for your account. In the past, there were many other tools, but the efficiency didn’t seem to be very high, so fbsub net and fbsub de were released. Surprisingly, after its launch, it was used by many people. Now everywhere in the world they know about this useful tool.

Advantages of fbsub to users

With fbsub tiktok likes you will have the following features

– Corresponding tiktok video tym. Want to increase the heart rate for videos that let others know you are interested can use this feature.

– Increase follower for tiktok account. With your account few followers, it will not be able to have credibility in the eyes of friends or others. This is exactly what you need to do to increase the “trust” of your tiktok account.

– Increase shares, watch live tiktok – Auto comment on the video you want.

And I would like to add that all the above functions will be performed for free without having to pay any money. Fbsub will pay all that money. The user’s job is to just follow those steps in turn. As for other things, let them take care of them from a to z. The ultimate goal is to increase the things you need to be successful.

If you are worried about your tiktok account being affected, then rest assured that it’s okay. During the acceleration process, the account will not be logged in. Instead, just enter the video link or the account name. This thing is too an and must not any. When providing instant information it is not to disclose the username nor password. So, what are you worried about? There are other sites that require you to fill in your tiktok account information, so you should avoid it immediately because they are professional scammers.

Use fbsub tiktok likes views hearts followers free

To make the process easier and more successful, we will provide specific instructions. Please follow our steps below in turn.

  1. From your phone, go to fbsub.net or fbsub.de tiktok like. If you’re excited, you can click on it and we’ll send you right away. Note that some times you will not be able to access it directly. Therefore, the safe solution is to choose the link that we give to be transferred there 24/24.
  2. After accessing here, the system will ask you to enter a code that is the captcha code. This is one of the security codes that need to be implemented. After entering, click on that checkmark to complete.
  3. If you successfully enter the code, you will be immediately redirected to a new page by fbsub. Here will select the word use under “Auto views Comment hearts Favorites Live views” and continue.
  4. Then enter the link of the tiktok account name you want to increase followers or the video link you want to increase the number of hearts, shares, and views.
  5. Continue to enter the captcha code according to the system requirements and wait for the deployment system to increase to the point you want. That’s it, the process of increasing interaction on tiktok has been completed according to your wishes.


The following indicators that you need to pay attention to include:

– Auto views

– Comment heart

– Favorites

– Live views

After increasing a stat and then want to increase again, you have to wait 2 minutes 20 seconds to continue. In addition to increasing the index for tiktok, users can increase for instagram, facebook, youtube platforms. Hopefully with fbsub you will solve what you need for your tiktok account that is missing views or shares. If there is anything you do not understand, please contact us immediately so that we can solve it.